With Sceamdo, no matter your desired business outcomes and time to value, you achieve them fast, operate at peak capacity, and resiliency


Your desired outcomes, time to value, and resilience are our top priority


Sceamdo is a revolutionary platform that flips the script on traditional consulting. We are a global network of industry leading providers, vetted professionals, and experts who deliver pre-packaged solutions and custom services designed to achieve your desired outcomes in your desired timeframe. Unlike traditional consulting that focuses on billable hours and generic deliverables, Sceamdo prioritizes measurable results and rapid time to value.


  • FOCUS ON OUTCOMES, NOT HOURS: We prioritize results, not billable hours. You only pay for success.
  • FASTER TIME TO VALUE: Get results in instantly, minutes, hours, days, or weeks, not months or years.
  • EXCEPTIONAL EFFICIENCY: Achieve over 98.5% effectiveness, accuracy, and performance.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Get top-tier expertise at a fraction of the traditional consulting cost (up to 10x cheaper).
  • PROVEN RESULTS: Our platform boasts a proven track record of delivering multiple times the ROI, driving increased revenue and profits, and achieving over 30% growth for our clients.
  • SECURE, SCALABLE & SUSTAINABLE: We prioritize secure collaboration and offer solutions that scale with your business.


We embody unwavering expertise, garnered through years of industry mastery. Our team’s extensive knowledge and refined skills ensure effective solutions, fostering trust and delivering excellence.

At our core lies a dedication to perpetual innovation. We thrive on pioneering approaches, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, global network of leading industry vendors, vetted professionals and experts and fostering a culture that encourages imaginative solutions.

We hold ourselves responsible for our actions, commitments, and the outcomes we deliver. This unwavering commitment builds trust, transparency, and lasting partnerships with our clients.

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Vetted Professionals and Experts

Prepackaged Solutions

Prepackaged products and services

From leading industry vendors, professionals, experts, and financiers.

  • Search, choose, and order prepackaged outcomes and time to value products and services that meet your desires.
  • Achieve your outcomes
  • Receive on-going managed outcomes services and support
Custom Services

Simply submit your desired outcomes and time to value and get it delivered

  • Submit your own desired outcomes and own desire time to value
  • We get it done as you desired
  • You achieve your outcomes on the time you specified. We guarantee.

Expert advisory tailored
for maximum returns

We offer advisory services related to managed desired outcomes, helping clients define desired results and then finding services that achieve those outcomes

  • Capitalize on market opportunities
  • Minimize investment risks
  • Realize growth potential

Our customer success stories

Discover how businesses like yours transformed with our technology and expertise. Real stories of growth, innovation, and success.

End to End Business Pre-Startup, Ownership, and Growth in 72 hours (Prepackaged Solution)

Discover how our prepackaged End to End Business Pre-Startup, Ownership, and Growth which includes: lean business plan creation, lean pitch deck, entity formation, legal compliance, bank account setup, website building, web hosting, integrated payment gateway, no-code MVP, initial marketing materials, ongoing support and advisory services empowered Flour Power Bakery to launch in 3 days, identify growth opportunities, revamp financial strategies, and achieve a 40% revenue surge within a year. • Testimonial: "Thanks to Sceamdo's pre-startup package, I launched my bakery business in just 3 days! They handled all the paperwork and legalities, allowing me to focus on perfecting my recipes and building a customer base. Now, I'm up and running with a solid foundation for growth." - Sarah M., Owner, Flour Power Bakery

Helping Affirmed Insurance overcome challenges and achieving desired outcomes of 12x faster, 30% cost reduction, and 95% customer satisfaction (Custom Service)

Client: Affirmed Insurance (Industry: Insurance) • Challenge: Affirmed Insurance struggled with a slow and manual claims processing system, leading to frustrated customers and high operational costs. • Sceamdo Solution: Sceamdo implemented an integrated solution leveraging Pega for claims intake and case management, Appian for automating approvals and workflows, and Celonis for process mining and optimization. • Quantified Outcomes: o 12x faster claims processing: Reduced average claim processing time from 10 days to under 1 day. o 30% reduction in operational costs: Automated tasks and streamlined workflows led to significant cost savings. o 95% customer satisfaction: Improved efficiency resulted in faster claim resolution and happier customers.

Improving EvolveVision efficiency: streamlining processes

Witness how our consulting streamlined processes for EvolveVision, improving operational efficiency by 30%, reducing costs, and enhancing overall performance.

Tangible results shared here

Discover how our business outcomes and time to value expertise transformed businesses like yours, delivering exceptional results and growth.

Sceamdo delivered fully functional MVP web app, native iOS app, and native Android app in 7 weeks.
Peter James

Founder & CEO

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Increase in customer growth rate

Sceamdo lead in finding and fixing process inefficiencies. Trusted partners for financial growth.
Sneha Shetkar

Account Executive

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Saved in operational costs

Sceamdo helped in raising £1.2M funding in 2 weeks. A reliable partner for our operational excellence.
Yingor Fiavi

Business Manager

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Increase in company revenue

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