Success Stories

  • Identity And Biometrics

    Identity And Biometrics

    A Global Telecommunications company reduces customer activation time from 4 days to less than 60 seconds Service Provided: Process redesign,
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  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    Digital Marketing strategy produces ROI 608% and £1.5 million per year in revenue for a merchant Service Provided: Marketing Strategy
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  • Raising Finance

    Raising Finance

    Firm raises .4 Million for expansion in 2 weeks Service Provided: Raising Finance Industry: Business Overview A firm asked Sceamdo
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  • Rapid Application Prototyping

    Rapid Application Prototyping

    A manufacturer needed to secure a USD 10 million contract and asked Sceamdo Technologies to help to demonstrating its solution
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  • Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development

    Custom software resulted in ROI 371% and £1,270,500 in revenue Service Provided: Custom Software Development Industry: Business Overview A restaurant
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  • Business Plan Writing

    Business Plan Writing

    A client asked Sceamdo Technologies to help in writing a business plan to secure a USD 960,000 start-up funding.
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  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Energy and Utilities Company reduces costs by 70% and realises a 770% ROI Service Provided: Process Improvement/Redesign, Lean Six Sigma,
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  • Technology and Management

    Technology and Management

    A building and construction firm with a 36 person office and an increase in demand for its work couldn’t understand
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  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain / Lean Six Sigma

    Automotive firm reduces costs by over £3,147,000 Service Provided: Supply Chain, and Lean Six Sigma Industry: Automotive and Machinery Overview
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  • Change Management

    Change Management

    Healthcare Services provider increases turnover by £3 Million per year Service Provided: Change Management, Corporate Redesign, Enterprise Information Management Industry:
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  • Business Growth

    Business Growth

    An Educational Institution needed help to develop a strong base for business growth. The owners wanted to enhance their business
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  • Programme Management

    Programme Management

    A government, faced with a USD 4 billion deficit and an average of USD 2 billion cost per year, embarked
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  • Business Startup

    Business Startup

    Business Start-up Success from ZERO to £1.3 Million per year business in 4 weeks Service Provided: Business Startup Success Empowerment
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