Change Management

Change Management

Healthcare Services provider increases turnover by £3 Million per year

Service Provided: Change Management, Corporate Redesign, Enterprise Information Management

Industry: Healthcare


A Healthcare services provider asked Sceamdo Technologies to rescue it from closure, deliver high quality care, and grow revenue.


  • Increasing demand, escalating costs, continuous yearly losses, exhausted capacity, and reduced capital expenditure
  • Made up of over 16 hospitals, 120 clinics and served over 500,000 local citizens
  • Complex organisational structure, disparate processes, and siloed systems


  • Redesigned corporate structure, processes, procedures, rules, responsibilities, policies, staffing patterns and governance
  • Enhanced and integrated the various siloed systems.
  • Implemented a corporate-wide automated scheduling and intelligent facilitation and management of resources system for daily flow of patients, resources, and staff with an embedded dynamic rules engine that auto adapts to daily deviations, changing situations and environment
  • Implemented Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Self-Service Portal/Intranet


  • ROI: 530%
  • Payback Period: 5 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: £6,807,254
  • Net Present Value: £5,122,306
  • Growth - turnover increased by over £3 million per year
  • Increased quality of care, customer experience and satisfaction
  • Reduced the number of operating rooms by 4% and the number of consultants by 10% and still increased the number of operations per day by 40%
  • Reduced the waiting time at A&E by 40%

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