Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom software resulted in ROI 371% and £1,270,500 in revenue

Service Provided: Custom Software Development

Industry: Business


A restaurant operator who was having various operations and management issues asked Sceamdo Technologies to help


  • Having long queues, errors in orders, customer complaints, and management issues
  • Needed a better and customised solution to manage its restaurant business including taking and processing customer orders, customer reservations, scheduling, staff management, kitchen management, inventory management, supplier management, table/room management, order pickup or delivery management and tracking


  • Order Automation: Designed and implementation of 5 multi-channel ordering solution which included – a mobile app ordering, web app ordering, Facebook ordering for ordering within a Facebook page, self-service ordering via a table device on tables within the restaurant, and Bar/Counter Ordering
  • Reservation Automation: Designed and implemented 3 types of reservation - Table reservation, Room/Suite reservation, and Event reservation
  • Customer Pickup or Delivery Automation: Designed and implemented 3 types of order pickup or delivery – Pickup Orders for customers to pick up their orders at specified date, time and restaurant location; Delivery Orders for order delivery at specified date, time, and customer location; and Table Orders for orders to be delivered to a table within the restaurant
  • A full end-to-end Restaurant Management System designed and implemented. As a result of the solution’s success, the client ordered and received customised versions of the system for Event Management, Retail Management, and Hotel Management.


  • ROI: 371%
  • Payback Period: 3 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: £1,000,908
  • Net Present Value: £846,598
  • £1,270,500 in increased revenue
  • Saved money
  • Costs reduced
  • Increase efficiency, performance and productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Increased new customer acquisitions

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