Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Energy and Utilities Company reduces costs by 70% and realises a 770% ROI

Service Provided: Process Improvement/Redesign, Lean Six Sigma, and Digital Transformation

Industry: Energy and Utilities


An energy and utilities company asked Sceamdo Technologies to help in streamlining its processes and reduce costs.


  • The companies’ Accounts process involved multiple manual invoicing and approval processes, spans over multiple application systems, over 24,000 non-recurring transactions, over 8,000 vendors and 2,000 Accounts Payable approvers.
  • Had increasing errors, longer processing times, higher operating costs, and financial losses due to errors.


Using appropriate Sceamdo Technologies seasoned expertise, technology, tools and techniques, the various application systems and processes were improved, rapidly integrated and automated.


  • ROI: 770%
  • Payback Period: 1 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: £820,614
  • Net Present Value: £638,183
  • Costs reduced by 70%
  • Made over £250,000 per year in additional revenues
  • Improved cash flow
  • Efficiency increased
  • Performance increased by 80%
  • Productivity increased by 88%
  • Improved data accuracy and consistency
  • Improved audit trails and quality assurance

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