Identity And Biometrics

Identity And Biometrics

A Global Telecommunications company reduces customer activation time from 4 days to less than 60 seconds

Service Provided: Process redesign, Identity & Biometrics, Customer Experience Design, Software Development, and IT Infrastructure Consolidation

Industry: Telecommunications


A global telecom company asked Sceamdo Technologies to help it to improve customer on-boarding and meet regulatory compliance.


The global telecom company was facing serious customer on-boarding process that took 4 days to activate, including performance, productivity, customer retention, and financial losses issues after acquiring nine different businesses in nine different countries across the globe. Each newly acquired business had its own different manual customer on-boarding process and regulatory compliance requirement to meet.


Created a single unified automated customer on-boarding, operating support and billing system including an embedded business rules within the automated process which ensured that the appropriate regulatory requirement within each country were automatically met.


  • ROI: 505%
  • Payback Period: 2 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: $6,510,004
  • Net Present Value: $5,190,090
  • Reduced customer on-boarding from 4 days to less than 60 seconds
  • Met regulatory compliance in each country of operation
  • On-boarding costs reduced by 90%
  • Performance increased
  • Productivity increased
  • Customer churn reduced
  • New customer acquisitions increased

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