Programme Management

Programme Management

Government cleared a $4 billion deficit and reduced costs from $2 billion to $0.5 billion per year

Service Provided: Portfolio, program, and project management, and project turnaround and recovery

Industry: Government


A government, faced with a $4 billion deficit and an average of $2billion cost per year, embarked on a major transformation programme to clear the deficit, reduce the costs, and deliver value to its citizens.


  • Overturn a complex program that encompasses 180 projects, multiple providers, and multiple beneficiaries who are the citizens, communities, businesses, agencies, etc.
  • 9 out of the 12 months of the program’s duration have already been used
  • 162 out of the 180 projects’ milestones and deliverables have not been met


Sceamdo Technologies’ proven and tested proprietary Project Turnaround and Recovery tools and techniques were used to overturn the complex program successfully within 3 months


  • All the 180 projects of the program were completed on time, within budget, and of the highest quality
  • $4 billion deficit was cleared
  • Costs reduced from $2 billion to $0.5 billion per year
  • Tangible benefits and values delivered to beneficiaries

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