Raising Finance

Raising Finance

Firm raises $3.4 Million for expansion in 2 weeks

Service Provided: Raising Finance

Industry: Business


A firm asked Sceamdo Technologies to help in raising finance for a larger factory, new state of the art technology machinery, and additional raw materials.


To raise $3.4 million business finance for expansion, new machinery and additional raw materials due to increasing demand


  • Worked in collaboration with the client and prepared a detailed business plan
  • Prepared a pitch presentation
  • Lead client to appropriate financial sources for finance


  • Received a total of $3.4 million in finance – i.e. $1.2 million for the new building, $1.9 million for new state-of-the-art machinery, and $0.3 million for additional raw materials
  • Efficiency and performance increased
  • Productivity increased by 120%
  • Profits increased

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