Rapid Application Prototyping

Rapid Application Prototyping

An Application Prototype secured a $10 million contract

Service Provided: Rapid Application Prototyping

Industry: Internet of Things (IoT)


A manufacturer needed to secure a $10 million contract and asked Sceamdo Technologies to help to demonstrating its solution with a working prototype.


Develop a working application prototype that works with and controls its devices and machines.


  • Held a discovery workshop to understand the purpose, users of the application, users goals and flows in using the application which lead to a full sketching of the application’s screens and flows – the Conceptual Design of the application
  • The conceptual design was turned into a Visual Design
  • All the visual design screens were presented to the customer for review/validation/approval
  • After approval, we turned the High-fidelity visual designs into a clickable prototype that runs on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device


  • ROI: 415%
  • Payback Period: 2 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: $8,056,403
  • Net Present Value: $7,282,786
  • A functional prototype delivered within the 2 weeks’ time frame
  • The company secured the $10 million contract

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