Supply Chain / Lean Six Sigma

Supply Chain

Automotive firm reduces costs by over £3,147,000

Service Provided: Supply Chain, and Lean Six Sigma

Industry: Automotive and Machinery


An Automotive and Heavy Duty Machinery firm asked Sceamdo Technologies to help it to become more efficient, have an end-to-end real-time visibility in its operations, reduce costs, and become more agile in its business.


  • Rapid growth
  • Escalating supply chain complexity
  • Increasing transportation and distribution costs


  • Improved the supply chain services
  • Eliminated wastes, complexities and costs
  • Implemented process automation and re-negotiated outsourced partnership agreement contracts


  • ROI: 420%
  • Payback Period: 10 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: £2,647,589
  • Net Present Value: £1,804,600
  • Performance increased by 52%
  • Productivity increased by 64%

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