Technology and Management

Technology and Management

Building and Construction firm saved $96,000 in admin costs and $54,000 in office rent per year

Service Provided: Technology and Management Consulting

Industry: Building and Construction


A building and construction firm with a 36 person office and an increase in demand for its work couldn’t understand why it wasn’t making profit and asked Sceamdo Technologies to help.


Reduce office rent, utilities, manual processes and administrative work


  • Implemented a state-of-the-arts Field Management System that automatically captures job orders, services, issues, and enquiries via online, web, and a mobile app; then prepopulates the captured data into a central database/spreadsheet, processes, estimates/costs, invoices, schedules with real-time updating and completion of field service jobs and links the Field Service Officer to the company’s office system; monitors, controls, alerts, and produces reports. The system enables the company to define, create (via drag and drop) own processes, activities, jobs, rules, etc.
  • Turned the 36 person office into a virtual company by having its 36 employees to work from home and/or on the construction field
  • Empowered the Field Service Officers with a Field Service Officer mobile app that enables the staff to receive and process jobs on the mobile and have real-time visibility of all jobs allocations to him/her, parts, equipment, and supplies details, etc. The mobile app guides Field Service Officers to job destinations; gives the company a real-time tracking and historic routes of field service officer’s locations, speed and direction of travel on maps. Field Service Officers and customers sign-off their signatures on a company branded electronic job sheets within the mobile app which can be printed or a copy emailed to customer instantly on job completion


  • ROI: 422%
  • Payback Period: 6 months
  • Cumulative Net Value: $3,970,105
  • Net Present Value: $3,250,264
  • Office rent reduced from $60,000 to $6000 per year
  • Utilities reduced from $3,600 to $$600 per year
  • Staff (Administrative) costs reduced from $115,200 to $19,200 per year
  • Profits increased
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Better utilization of resources
  • New customer acquisitions increased
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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